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  1. What were some of the challenges you faced while discerning your call to the priesthood, and what gave you the strength/courage to overcome them?
    • In the beginning I had to convince my parents that this is what I wanted to do. As parents, they had other plans that they thought would be better for me.  However, after a few years they were supportive of m decision and were very helpful in my vocation. The culture of my youth was the turbulent sixties. The values were different then and the challenge was to overcome the new relevant culture and hold on to stable and absolute norms for behavior and society.  The seminary helped me do this. I found that the parish priest was a great support and encouragement in my journey to the priesthood.
  2. How would you describe your experience in the seminary?
    • I entered the seminary in 1965 as a freshman in College.   I graduated from the college seminary in 1969 and then studied theology at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  I found the seminary a good and safe place to examine my life, my growth needs, and my academic ability.  I liked my time there, found it a warm and friendly environment.  I in short had a great time in school and training.
  3. What has been the best thing about being a priest?
    • There are a lot of best things about being a priest.  The ability to celebrate the sacrament with people to help them with their needs, and to be a presence of the Church for them is very gratifying. A priest is who I am .  It is how I judge by life and my actions by my  commitment to the priesthood and the gift that I have received from the Lord to be a priest.
  4. What does being a priest mean to you?
    • For me, the priesthood is everything, and it is the path that I am on as I journey to be in the kingdom of God.

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